Born To Say Thank You


Brent Michael Davids


Performance forces:
sop — Native American wood flute, orchestra (double winds)



BORN TO SAY THANK YOU is a work honoring the Oneida Nation. The Oneida and the Mohicans share a significant history together, when the Mohicans were relocated from Hudson River land to Oneida land in New York state. In the 1600s, Mohicans lived in great numbers along both sides of the Hudson River. By 1724 however, Mohicans dropped from 8,000 strong to 222 weak, and were nearly exterminated. With nowhere to go and all the Mohican land stolen, the Oneida People welcomed the homeless Mohican Nation to live by their side. As the Mohican Nation survives today, the Oneida deserve gratefulness for the strength and perseverance of their ancestors and relatives who, in turn, gave Mohicans needed help. The composer gives a sincere and heartfelt thank you to the Oneida People and their gift of a place to live at a time when the Mohicans really needed it.