Clarice Assad

Catherine Maxymuk, Naomi Major, Alissa McLaughlan

Performance forces:



This song cycle is a humorous cross-over project between cabaret and musical theater with hints of jazz and South American music. The songs deal with issues experienced by many women in our modern-day society. Rooted in the extremes, the songs depict a character who exposes her deepest, most hidden emotions and feelings to the world, mostly in a comedic way. The first song “Turn back the clock” (text by Catherine Maxymuk) is a funny yet frustrating reaction to the idea that women should look perfect, young, and thin at all costs. The second song, written in the French impressionist style, What will they think (text by Naomi Major) deals with deep insecurity, followed by a dream sequence in which the character fantasizes she is someone else but awakes to the reality of her world. The last song Fixation (text by Alissa McLaughlan) is a comical account of guilty pleasures and lack of self-control. Commissioned by Carnegie Hall.