Footsteps in Campbell House

Roydon Tse, Joshua Denenberg, Tyler Versluis, and Yu-Ting Lin

Michael Albano

Performance forces:
4 sop, mez, 2 ten, bar — vln, pno



Written in collaboration with the University of Toronto Student Opera Collective, librettist Michael Albano, and composers Joshua Denenberg, Tyler Versluis, and Yu-Ting Lin, Footsteps in Campbell House is a chamber opera based on the historical events surrounding Chief Justice William Campbell. The opera takes place in the historic home situated on the corner of University and Queen st. in Toronto. Unlike conventional opera that is staged in a hall, this production takes place within the rooms in the Campbell House Museum. Each of the four composers including myself were responsible for a number of scenes, and the audience will be led by a tour guide through the house while watching the scenes unfold. For more info about the opera including a Q & A with librettist Michael Albano, click here.