Johanny Navarro

José Félix Gómez, Johanny Navarro

Performance forces:
sop, ten, bar — cl, pno, str 4tet



Camila has confined herself in a convent and asks God to grant her the oblivion of her terrible past. In the convent, she remembers that her husband, Anselmo, doubted her love and tested her faithfulness. As part of the test, Anselmo proposed his best friend, Lotario, to seduce Camila to make her fall in love with him. Lotario, hurtfully surprised refuses the proposal. After long obstinacy from his dear friend, Lotario accepts to be the test for Camila’s faithfulness. Throughout the test, love surprised Camila and Lotario and they fell deeply in love with each other. Anselmo, coming upon the love of his friend and his wife, feels betrayed and vows to get revenge. The now new lovers escape to fulfil their new and true happiness. When Camila feels having found her true happiness, her lover Lotario is called to serve in the military during the war. Despite his love for Camila, Lotario fulfills his patriotic duty and dies in the front-line of battle. Camila, tormented and heartbroken decides to confine herself in a convent. Anselmo, demented and hunted by the treachery of his friend and wife, dies of love. Chamber opera in one act.