Nina Shekhar

Nina Shekhar

Performance forces:
sop — cl, ten sax, vln, vc, perc, electronics, (optional lighting)



[redact] attempts to capture the way the human brain reacts to trauma. In the aftermath of a traumatic event, the brain may burn certain details of the event into memory while blocking out other details to protect itself from the emotional and physical pain of the trauma. Perceptions of reality and self may be affected, and it may be extremely difficult to speak about the experience. This piece attempts to sonically portray evolving mental states of one’s brain after trauma. The singer presents a text that is transformed using a series of processes. Through redaction and reordering of words, the text’s meaning is recontextualized and is never presented in its true form. text: blow your breath speak my tongue cook his bite that swallowed me Please note that this piece deals with sensitive, complex, and extreme emotional states that can be challenging to process. If audience members feel uncomfortable at any time during the piece, they are welcome to step out until they feel ready to return.