Technobabble IV


Daniel Sabzghabaei


Performance forces:
high voice — fl, cl, vl, perc/plastic bags



This work is the fourth in a set of investigations of texts generated by bots in some way, our relationship with technology, and the inherent, as well as planned, obsolescence of this technology over time. This particular text came from a comment by a ~human~ on one of my YouTube videos. While it is unclear how much of this particular text is crafted by a person or generated by a machine, the coalescence of the two is of particular interest, forming a type of cyborgism. Each sentence, fragment, word, syllable, vowel, and consonant is isolated extremely precisely throughout, like looking at a crystal under a microscope at multiple zoom levels. Paired with these macro and micro obsessions are explorations of a rapidly falling out of favor–and once very important–piece of tech which carries a lot of baggage itself: the plastic bag. How can these pieces of fading tech be repurposed? {Bags&Borgs}