The (Post) Mistress

Tomson Highway

Tomson Highway

Performance forces:


English, with some Cree and French

Set in the 1960s, the show centres on Marie-Louise, a postmistress in the small Northern Ontario town of Lovely, on the rural outskirts of the larger city of Complexity.[2] She possesses the supernatural ability to read through sealed envelopes, thus serving as a keeper of the town’s stories and secrets,[2] and the songs detail her revelations about life in the community.[3] The city of Complexity is based on the Ontario city of Sudbury,[2] while the town of Lovely is a pastiche of the city’s suburban and outlying rural francophone communities such as Chelmsford, Azilda and Highway’s own hometown of Noëlville.[2] Has also been presented in Cree (titled Kisageetin) and French (titled Zesty Gopher s’est fait écraser par un frigo)