Two Reflections on The Belovèd


Daniel Sabzghabaei


Performance forces:
sop — perc 4tet



This set of two songs for soprano and percussion quartet are settings of two Sufi texts. These two texts each reflect on “The Belovéd:” a Sufi ideal and extreme desire for close intimacy and oneness with god; however, this line is often blurred, and “The Belovéd” takes on different forms (especially in prose and poetry). For some, this becomes a person with whom they desire intimacy (platonic or sexual), a partner, or friend, for others, a goal, accomplishment, or object of some sort. Whatever form “The Belovéd” takes, this desire for intimacy is always present and encompassing. In both songs the soprano and percussionists play equal roles, blending timbres and colors of various shades to create a reflection on this Sufi tenant which explores the nature of intimacy, desire, and mystic love.