Your Eyes Are Not Your Eyes


Du Yun


Performance forces:
sop — ob, git, harp, vln



Program note: This is the first concert dedicated to the music contained in Baltasar Martínez Compañón’s Trujillo del Perú en el siglo XVIII. Born in Navarre in 1738, Martínez Compañón was appointed bishop of Trujillo, in northern Peru, in 1779. From 1782 to 1785, he traveled around his bishopric and compiled this remarkable nine-volume work, in which he presents geographical, ethnographical, natural, and historical data about his bishopric, lavishly illustrated with pictures showing its people, places, animals, plants, and buildings. The collection is unique because it contains musical scores of 20 pieces of vocal and instrumental music the bishop heard during his travels. Americas Society commissioned an international and intergenerational group of composers to write pieces inspired by the music in the codex. The International Contemporary Ensemble performed the premiere of these pieces for voice, oboe, clarinet, violin, guitar, harp, and percussion by Du Yun (China/United States), Alvin Lucier (United States), Paulo Rios Filho (Brazil), and Aurelio Tello (Peru/Mexico). Here ICE performs “Your eyes are not your eyes” by Du Yun.