We’re making more free demos

BIPOC Voices is offering free demo recordings of works for solo voice(s) and instruments.

What you get

A free, professionally produced demo recording, using live singers and industry-leading MIDI instruments (largely Spitfire Audio’s BBC Symphony Orchestra Professional). This demo will be given to the composer, and also be housed in BIPOC Voices’ database. Please note that the BIPOC Voices database simply notes the existence of works and gives some details including composer contact info and, if possible, a link to a recording. It does not include scores.


Friday, December 2nd, 2022




BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Colour) composers of any age or nationality are invited to apply. In the case of collaboration, at least 50% of composers must be BIPOC. There is no time limit for works, though demos will be limited to about 5 minutes. Works must prominently feature at least one solo voice, and 2 instruments, with no limitation on the number of voices or instruments used. This means that choral music (without substantial vocal solos) and voice/piano art song is not accepted. Demos can use one or two singers. 

The intent of this project is to create demos for works that can’t currently be listened to in their full orchestration. We will accept works that have been performed publicly, works that have been recorded in incomplete orchestration (a piano workshop of a piece for orchestra, for example), and works which have been recorded with their full orchestration but for which the composer doesn’t have the legal right to post the recording online. Works with non-professional recordings for which the composer has the legal right to post the recording online will not be accepted.


Submit works using this form. This will automatically add your work to the BIPOC Voices database. All works in the database are automatically considered for demo recordings. Please send a pdf of the score and, if available, the MIDI recording from your notation program. These can be linked in the “private notes” field, or emailed to morebipocvoices@gmail.com with the piece title and composer surname in the subject line. If the work is over 5 minutes, please clearly indicate what 5-minute excerpt should be considered for a demo. 

Multiple submissions are strongly encouraged. If you would prefer a demo of one specific work in the case of multiple submissions, you may note this under the “private notes” field as well.

Some preference will be given to Canadian-based composers as this work is generously supported by the Canada Council for the Arts. Non-Canadians should still apply and will still be selected. All other things being equal, adjudicators will give preference to composers with few recordings of their vocal music. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions. We’re very much looking forward to making music with you!

N.B.: Works for solo voice(s) and instruments which are ineligible for a demo can still be submitted to BIPOC Voices’ database using the above link. They will be searchable by users of the database.